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Chip Seal Subdivision in Midland TX

Chip Seal for Ranch Road in Meridian TX

Chip Seal Road

Chip Seal driveway Hillsboro TX

Tar & Chip Seal Driveway Denison TX

Tar & Chip Driveway Sherman TX

Chip Sealing Over a older Black Top Driveway

50,000 SQFT Farm Rd Chip Sealed Stanton TX

Chip Seal Driveway Ardmore OK

New Chip Seal Driveway McAlister Oklahoma

New Chip Seal Parking Lot McAlister Oklahoma

New Chip Seal Driveway in Argyle TX

New Chip Seal Driveway Willow Park TX

New Chip Sealed Private Road and Driveway in Ponder TX

Private Road Pottsboro TX

Tar & Chip Seal Driveway Sherman TX

Before and after if Tar & Chip Driveway

New Chip Seal Driveway Flower Mound TX

Want to see even more about Tar & Chip pavement? Here's a couple of videos all about it!

Ask The Builder ? Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Tim Carter, also known as "Ask The Builder," absolutely loves Tar and Chip driveways, calling them "a dynamic, beautiful surface" (he actually has a Tar & Chip driveway himself). That's Tim featured in the video. Read his column all about Tar & Chip paving.

The technical name for our specialty is "Bituminous Surface Treatment" (or BST for short). It is such a durable and economical pavement that BST is used on hundreds of miles of the Texas Highway and other similar roadways in Texas. Ease of application is one reason for BST's popularity, along with flexibility, attractive appearance, durability, ease of maintenance and extremely competitive price.

BST is also used as a sealing coat to rejuvenate asphalt or concrete pavement. It generally consists of aggregate spread over a sprayed-on asphalt emulsion. The aggregate is embedded into the asphalt by rolling it, typically with a rubber-tired roller. BSTs are described by a wide variety of regional terms including "chip seal"... "chip and seal"... "tar and chip"... "seal coat"... "shoot & chip"... "tar and chip seal"... "sprayed seal" and others. Whatever name you use, you'll call it "great" after you have your own!

Chip Seal or Tar & Chip are generally the most common names used for this durable and beautiful paving technique. Either way, Chip & Seal Paving will make your driveway practical, durable & beautiful for much lower cost than you'd expect for such a superior pavement.

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